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Jamie Greene Glitter Muscles For Reebok

This CrossFit Coach's Crystal-Covered 6-Pack Reminds Us How Damn Beautiful Muscles Are

We all know the misconception: that weightlifting will bulk you up or make you look like a body builder. But muscles are frickin' beautiful, and this recent Reebok campaign is a reminder of that. Sara Shakeel may be known for her empowering glitter stretch mark art, but her latest project took on something different — an incredibly muscular body — because women should be confident and feel beautiful in whatever skin they're in. Jamie Greene is a CrossFit coach and CrossFit Games athlete, and to say that she is physically strong would be an understatement.

Sara covered Jamie's abs in crystals and outlined her muscles in glitter, showing everyone that muscles are gorgeous, and they should be embraced for the strength they represent.

"What I can do with art regarding women who work out is to let women know that muscles are beautiful and accepting and [to] embrace it," Sara said in the video above. "Making them feel strong from the inside as well as from the outside."


And that's exactly what she did. "It's just emphasizing the beauty that's already there," Jamie said proudly.

"I'm proud of my muscles. They show what work I've done. I like to put that out there and show that to the world," Jamie said. "I believe that women should be confident in whatever skin they have — muscles, stretch marks, anything along those lines. Be proud of it. Rock it."

Image Source: Courtesy of Reebok
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