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Kayla Itsines on Being Too Skinny

Kayla Itsines Has Been Called "Too Skinny," and Here's What She Has to Say About It

Kayla Itsines, who's known for her popular and very effective BBG program, has helped countless women transform their bodies. And one thing we adore about her is that she isn't afraid to talk openly about some real issues facing women. She even posted a photo of her stretch marks, saying how much she loves them, inspiring women to embrace their own stretch marks, too.

Along the same lines, she recently took to Instagram to address the influx of comments people make about how she looks. They constantly criticize her for being "TOO SKINNY!" Kayla says, "When I upload a photo sitting down it's 'awesome', when I upload a photo of me flexing its 'so strong'." She wants to remind people that she's the exact same person, in the same exact body, no matter how she poses. She added, "Photos show ONE part of you in just that moment. Just remember that."

And who cares what people think about your appearance anyway?! Kayla goes on to say, "People will love you because of the person you are on the INSIDE . . . not for what you look like on the outside." We really appreciate this important message from the BBG queen encouraging women not to solely focus on how they look in the mirror, but to celebrate their amazing, unique, and glowing personalities.

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