Why Kayla Itsines Doesn't Have a Cheat Day

There are so many reasons to love Australian trainer and fitness superstar Kayla Itsines. She empowers and inspires women globally, has created a seriously effective and simple workout guide (and app!), and preaches self-love and body positivity on the daily. Let's add one more thing to the list: her balanced, positive approach to healthy eating . . . this also means NO cheat days (if you're scratching your head, read on!).

Kayla doesn't do "diets"

You won't see Kayla on the South Beach diet or Whole 30. "It's all about not cutting out foods from your diet," said Kayla. "I allow my clients and the people who do my guides to have pasta, rice, fruit . . . whatever they want to have."

Because strict diets = crazy cravings

When Kayla started eating according to a strict bodybuilding competition diet, the results were not good. "I started to feel really, really tired and really, really sick and craving all these foods I've never wanted before," said Kayla. "I'd crave salt and vinegar chips, and I'd never eaten salt and vinegar chips before!"

But she'll still have her cake and eat it, too

Kayla's healthy lifestyle, including generally healthy food choices and consistent exercise, is the key to guilt-free treat time. "Put it this way: I eat really healthy all the time. I'd always choose the healthy option, and if I want to have a piece of cake, I'll have it. I won't be like, I can only have one piece of cake for the whole week."

"Cheat meal" isn't part of her vernacular

On that note, Kayla mentioned, "I don't have a cheat day, and I don't even know if I'd call it a cheat meal." She encourages women to maintain the healthy balance of wholesome food choices and exercise, so there's no guilt around treating yourself to something "unhealthy" (before the craving gets the best of you): "If you wanna eat something and you're healthy and exercise, then have it! Otherwise, you'll crave it."

And she wants you to love food, too!

Kayla encourages a healthy relationship with food, and she "realized that [she wants] women to be comfortable and not see food as a chore when they're eating."

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