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Maas River Cauliflower Tots at Costco

Costco's Cauliflower Tots Are About to Take Your Meal Prep to a Whole New Level

Have no fear, health fanatics, cauliflower-based foods aren't going anywhere. We haven't looked back since the healthy alternative took over our pizza crusts and carb-filled gnocchi recipes in the last few years, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, we're speeding up because Costco's new Maas River Organic Cauli-Tots are flying off shelves. One serving of the tots is just 140 calories!

The $10, three-pound bag of deliciousness has been spotted by multiple Instagram users who've raved about the texture and quality of the organic cauliflower tots. "The texture inside is soft like cauliflower mash and best served warm while the outside is still #toasty," one Costco-aficionado wrote, adding that they baked the tots in the toaster oven for 15 minutes "until they browned up a little." Pick up a bag (or three) of the organic cauli-tots at Costco, and then check out all the recipes that prove cauliflower can do just about anything.

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