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Motivational Poster For Working Out in the Morning

Why Morning Workouts Are the Key to Burning More Calories

Feeling like you'd rather skip tomorrow morning's workout? We've got a little boost that you need to get out of bed in the morning: better calorie burn. Studies have shown that morning exercisers tend to burn more calories than those who exercise in the afternoon or at night, possibly because we tend to have more energy when the day is just beginning. Not only that, but fitting in your workout before the day starts means you have extra time in the evening to run errands, read that book, or grab dinner with friends — all integral to keeping stress levels (and stress-related weight gain) down.

Does a better calorie-burning workout and extra time in the evening sound just great to you, but you're not a morning person? These tips on how to wake up and work out can help you swap out your snoozing habits for a calorie-crushing workout.

Print this poster out here, and display it on your fridge or bulletin board to stay motivated!

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