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Oscar Mayer Workout Prank

You'll Crack Up (and Get Grossed Out) From This Insane Fitness Prank

We might not buy bologna anytime soon, but we got a serious laugh from Oscar Mayer's newest video that pokes fun at hot boutique fitness classes. Oscar Mayer invited trendy New Yorkers to get a sneak peek at a fake workout, appropriately named "FRIQ" (pronounced "freak"), where an overzealous instructor led students through a number of bizarre activities such as engaging their tongues, pretending to be bears in cages, wrapping themselves in bubble wrap, and so much more. The instructor's crazy vibe, the unconventional activities, and the disgusting-looking FRIQ Fuel beverage offered at the end of the workout remind us a lot of the weird things we've tried in the name of hot fitness trends.

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