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People You Meet at the Gym in January

The 10 People You Meet at the Gym in January

People You Meet at the Gym in January
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The start of a new year means new beginnings for those who are just starting their journeys to getting fit, but for those avid gym-goers who have a steady routine and a quiet space to work out, it means crowds and, yes, a little inconvenience. You know what we're talking about: going to the gym in January means seeing crowds of new people who are kick-starting their resolutions — a group some call the "new year, new me" crowd.

Of course, we're in full support of starting a healthy routine anytime, anywhere (and we all know there's a serious learning curve when it comes to finding a sweat routine that's just right for your body and schedule), but that doesn't stop us from seeing some patterns with the new friends we see those first 31 days of the new year . . . and sometimes never again. Ahead are the characters we always come across.

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