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Personal Essay About Healing Crystals

My Aura Says Negativity Drags Me Down, So Now My Healing Crystals Absorb the Bullsh*t

One of my best friends very recently started buying into the idea of crystal healing, and very quickly her bedroom shelves started to fill up with various crystals. I'm a natural skeptic, so I thought that it was all a bunch of hooey, though I didn't tell my friend I thought she was crazy. Fast forward a couple months and I found myself in Colorado Springs, CO, at the International Health & Wellness Center at the Garden of the Gods Collection, having my energy read and learning what crystals could possibly mean. And let me tell you — I'm a convert.

She told me she got the vibe that my throat and stomach were compromised. However, when it comes to energy, that is not something to take literally.

It all started when I met Charlene Wang, a holistic registered dietitian and expert in the field of energy work and crystal healing. I spent nearly an hour with her in a dim room where she read my energy and my chakras while I slipped in and out of consciousness, trying to keep my mind clear like she advised. I could feel her hovering around me and encouraging my deep breathing, but similar to my friend's belief in crystal healing, I thought this whole thing might just be a bit bogus.

Then she started telling me about what she was learning about me just from the energy around me, and I wholeheartedly tried to keep my mind open. She told me she got the vibe that my throat and stomach were compromised. However, when it comes to energy, that is not something to take literally. Your stomach and your brain can be linked and similar, so she said that coupled with the energy from my throat meant I have trouble speaking my truths and saying what I really feel.

She also read the seven layers of my aura and said that while the first four layers were clear, the outermost three layers were congested, most likely because I'm absorbing bad vibes around me. She said, in her opinion, my aura, which coordinates with the seven chakras, was allowing my good energy to seep out because it was taking in too much negativity from my surroundings.

Now, here is where the crystals come in. Based on those two bits that she read, she then delved into the use of crystals and what the different ones supposedly mean and can do. To start, though, she very blatantly told me that crystal healing was something she herself didn't even believe in until she started learning about energy work. She acknowledged that it's not something everyone is going to buy into because it's a very unique field that can't entirely be proven by any form of science. She said for my need to speak my mind, I should try embracing a lapis lazuli as it's said to encourage you to speak up. For my need to banish negativity, she suggested an onyx or another dark stone. According to her and her learnings, the darker the stone, the more it will absorb negativity around you.

I likened this whole experience to the time I had my tarot read and learned "about my future" according to the reader. She told me things about my future that were just vague enough that I could see how they fit into my life. In the same manner, Charlene told me things about my body and my energy that I could see being completely valid in my life. Actually, a therapist I had a few years ago told me she worried that I let people lean on me too heavily and ended up shouldering too much of their burden and negativity, so while I don't know if it was something evident in my energy or that it's just something you can see all over my face, it's something I believe to be true. But for Charlene to pick up on that after knowing me for just an hour seemed believable to me.

She told me she always wears a bracelet with a dark stone to absorb bad energy before it reaches her, and because there's no harm done if it doesn't work, I went out and bought a bracelet to do the same. I now wear a bracelet with an onyx in it, and I'm in the market for a larger onyx I can keep on my desk at work, where I worry my stress sometimes affects me too heavily.

Honestly, I haven't noticed any marked difference in my daily life after wearing my onyx bracelet, but it has helped me believe that I'm keeping negativity away. Ah, the good old placebo effect. Whether it's that or the crystal is actually helping me is up for debate, as with other forms of holistic medicine. But like I said, with crystal healing, in particular, using a crystal for something like absorption of negativity or anxiety relief won't hurt, but if you feel like you have a deeper-rooted problem, seeking more treatment would be a good idea. As for me, I'm going to keep seeing how the onyx Charlene recommended does for me.

Travel and accommodations paid for in part by Garden of the Gods Collection for the purpose of writing this story.

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