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Rachel Frederickson Biggest Loser Weight Loss

Biggest Loser Winner Debuts Controversial Transformation

Another Biggest Loser season has come to a close, and this one is not without controversy. Last night, Rachel Frederickson was crowned the winner of the competition, after losing 155 pounds, or 60 percent of her body weight (a record for the show). While Rachel celebrated winning the $250,000 grand prize, many in the audience were criticizing her current weight of 105 pounds, down from 260 at the start of the competition, saying her low weight and high-percentage weight loss was too unhealthy.

Rachel, 24, a former competitive swimmer, started the show with a compelling story. After receiving a full college scholarship (and being in "the best shape of her life"), she gave it all up to follow her then-boyfriend to Europe. But when the relationship failed, Rachel ended up 100 pounds heavier as the years went on. She joined Biggest Loser in part, she said, because she was too embarrassed to face her family again after gaining so much weight.

When Rachel debuted her brand-new body at last night's finale, many were shocked to see her size 0/2 frame — down from size 20 when she started the show. At 5'4", the National Institutes of Health puts her body mass index (BMI) at 18, which falls in the underweight category; anything 18.5-24.9 is considered normal weight. However, keep in mind that BMI is not the most accurate way to measure how healthy you are. It doesn't, for example, take into account things like body fat percentage, where you carry your fat, and how much muscle you have.


While some may say Rachel's slight frame and surprising transformation is sending the wrong message, Rachel herself says that her new weight has given her confidence and control over her life. "I feel so wonderful. What a life-changing experience," she said after winning the competition. "Not only have I gotten the athlete back, but I've gotten this inner strength and this confident girl back."

What do you think about Rachel's 155-pound transformation?

Source: NBC
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Cynthia15369104 Cynthia15369104 3 years
I also think she is an amazing person and also deserves to win. She has completed a journey that I still struggle to even start!. It is very encouraging for me to know that if I stick my mind to changing my attitude to food and exercise I can achieve that amazing body that she now has. She is an inspiration and wish her all the best in life with her new body!!!
Wendy15368291 Wendy15368291 3 years
I think she is an amazing person and she deserves to win. That being said I think that the final episode was more about winning the money than about loosing the weight. She did what she had to do to win. I don't think she looked healthy at all. She looked anorexic and I doubt that she can maintain that level of weight loss. I expect to see her at a healthier maintainable weight in the future. It is sad that the finale comes down to the money not the healthy image. They all looked too skinny if you ask me.
Polly15362362 Polly15362362 3 years
I don't think it matters what anyone else thinks. It's Rachel's body and how she feels and what she thinks is the only thing that matters! You go Rachel! Congratulations on your hard work!
Jerilyn15362007 Jerilyn15362007 3 years
Fantastic determination and hard work! I LOVE how fit, toned, healthy and gorgeous she looks. Stunned by the criticisms. Her body is full of muscle and she is a knockout. I wish people could get over their jealousies or own inadequacies. She is a petite woman and her weight and size match. Let's help celebrate her successes and not add to the psychological trauma of judging her for reaching her goals. It's ironic that beauty is so upsetting to people.
Christopher15345202 Christopher15345202 3 years
Which raises the awkward question. What have viewers and contestants being subjecting themselves to all along? After all it is one thing to aim for health and modest lifestyles, but another thing all together to aim for the edge of the universe in order to cross a high bar and a packet of money. Losing weight and being healthy might be one thing but exploiting contestants journey to the other extreme was probably not what audience members had wanted to see either, unless one presupposes we have degenerated to a predatory society that feeds off other's woes.
Sarah-Anne15361155 Sarah-Anne15361155 3 years
Wow I thought she was AT LEAST in her late 40's when I saw the picture. It's amazing that she was able to achieve that amount of weight loss, but I feel like this isn't a viable representation of health.
lmonteil lmonteil 3 years
I think she looks awesome and would LOVE to look like that. So there Rachel, embrace and enjoy!
camille15360261 camille15360261 3 years
My opinion, it's great she lose all those weight but as a fitness enthusiast and a healthcare provider, she looks dehydrated that made her older than her age.
Steve15360036 Steve15360036 3 years
I think this really gives the great show a bad name. It looks to me like she certainly didn't do this the right way, she looks unhealthy and way too thin. I don't know this but it looks as though she starved herself and if other contestants in the future think they can win the money this way, there will be no doubt they try to do it that way and then in the end, I can see Biggest Loser being taken off the aire.
cynthia15360007 cynthia15360007 3 years
"We" should stop criticizing, she signed up for it, she knew what she was getting herself into... its her story to write and she worked very hard to attain HER goal... no one else's. If she did it for the money as someone pointed out then that was HER choice. Plain and simple. Biggest loser has changed peoples lives in more than one way. Get over yourselves people.
srogers8242 srogers8242 3 years
She doesn't look healthy whatsoever…...
Alexis15359601 Alexis15359601 3 years
I'm 5'3" and I weight about 115, but I have a lot more muscle than her. I used to weight the same and looked similar. As long as she's happy and keeps healthy, not obsessive habits then good for her. If I looked like her right now I'd use the low body fat as a great segway into bulking to put on some lean muscle :). Good for her!
Jenna-Gill Jenna-Gill 3 years
I think she looks great!
Ashley8083309 Ashley8083309 3 years
Just adding in that I am 5'8" and 122lbs. I work out (heavy weights and cardio) 4 days a week, and I eat very healthy - 5-7x per DAY. I am very much under the BMI calculations but look very healthy and fit, and to be quite frank I dont think the BMI is incredibly accurate for all individuals.
Ashley8083309 Ashley8083309 3 years
Personally, I think Rachel looks great!! She is only 5'4"! She is clearly very muscular and lost her weight by hard work and eating healthy. Her face is much thinner but she weight 260lbs before. It should be expected ones face would slim out. Give the girl a break! She hit her goals, and won the game! She deserves it.
Katie15359540 Katie15359540 3 years
That much weight that fast cannot be healthy. It is heart wrenching to hear the stories about these contestants gaining all that weight and then some back after the show. Now we have the other end, 105 lbs.... I am sad to say enough is enough with this show what are we teaching people? How to lose weight fast? Developing eating disorders when we are trying to take them away? She looks MUCH older than 24 in these pictures...
Mallory15301136 Mallory15301136 3 years
This is one of the MANY reasons I detest this show. The poor girl came on to a reality television series titled "The Biggest Loser" with the intent to lose a bunch of weight. She accomplished her goal - one can argue *overaccomplished* - and yet she's still being criticized. If she were a model, this size would be accurate, if not a little on the heavy side in some areas of her body. It's pathetic the way people are criticizing her. What did they all expect? The show essentially promotes fast, unhealthy weight loss and that's what happened here. I think she looks great. A little too skinny, yes. But she worked her butt off for the goal she set out to achieve and she accomplished it.
Molly-Goodson Molly-Goodson 3 years
I haven't watched The Biggest Loser in years, but this seems to be a bummer from all angles. I feel terrible for this woman that she is still having her body critiqued and speculated about, especially if she is actually experiencing something as difficult as people are assuming she might be. I think it's important that this show set a good example about health and wellness, inside and out, but so many of the headlines I've seen today are just tearing her down (not this one, though)!
Jessie2489501 Jessie2489501 3 years
I was really concerned for her. Before she left the ranch they said she was 5 lbs from being an athletic body mass. Now she has lost that all. It almost goes to show how much importance we put on money and not on our own health. All that muscle she used to get her through those challenges and to the top of the pack is all gone. It just worries me for people and children they may look up to the people on this show. Dave looked healthy and muscular and amazing. He was the true winner in my opinion.
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