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Should I Pee After Sex?

Don't Even Think About Falling Asleep After Sex Without Peeing First

We know, we know — jumping out of bed is the last thing you want to do after some hot sex. At that point, you're probably ready to cuddle, grab a snack, or just go straight to sleep. But alas, life isn't fair, and it's especially important that women use the bathroom after a little seated reverse cowgirl. A urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most not-sexy outcomes of sex, but it's true that peeing ASAP afterwards is a surefire way to lower your chances of getting one. Trust us, you'll thank yourself in the morning if you take care of your lady parts.

Is It Really Necessary to Pee After Sex?

Yes! If you never experienced a UTI before, you don't fully understand why it's 100 percent worth taking that minute to do so. But bacteria live on all of us, and when you have sex, they get moved around and get near your urethra, which is connected to your bladder. "In women, the urethra is short, and so it's easier to cause infection than it is in a man," said Stephanie Long, MD, a family medicine physician at OneMedical and one of the district medical directors at the SoMa Clinic in San Francisco. Using the bathroom after sex is one simple way to decrease your chances of a painful UTI, so just do it!

If You Don't Usually Get UTIs, Should You Still Pee After Sex?

For sure! Because up until this point, you might have just been really lucky. "We are all colonized with a slightly different bacteria microbiome and have different abilities of the bacteria to climb up the lining of the urethra," Long explained. Some bacteria can make it up the urethra easier than others, so it also depends on the bacteria you AND your partner have. "You and one partner may not have the right combination that can easily cause a UTI, but another might," she continued. So it's better to be safe than sorry, and make it a habit before you get one.

How Quickly Should You Pee After Sex?

There's no set time frame for this, but the sooner the better! Long said that it should definitely be within the first few hours. Our suggestion? Hop out of bed, use the bathroom, and get back in bed for a good cuddle session.

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