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Tess Holliday Has Some Advice For the Haters Who Vilified Her Booty Workouts

Tess Holliday is a freaking badass, and she is never afraid to speak her mind. Whether it's about dispelling ideas that fat people don't have sex or facing the harsh realities of motherhood, Tess is a role model on all fronts, and her latest praise-worthy takedown was for the people who were hating on her workout moves.

Just because she doesn't post her workouts on social media doesn't mean she doesn't work out, but when Tess did post three videos of her working out, the haters started lining up in the comments section. While some people were praising her confidence and work ethic, others were slamming her squat technique and suggesting she stick to cardio to lose weight. Well, guess what? Tess doesn't work out for the purpose of losing weight, nor does she care about internet trolls.

Following the videos of her squats and weight training, Tess decided to capture some of the horrible criticism she received and do what she does best: speak her mind in an empowering yet carefree way. She took screenshots of some of the comments and begged these trolls to worry about themselves.


"People assume I don't work out because I don't feel the need to post it all over the gram, & the reason why? Because it's no one's business what I do with my body," she captioned the post above. "It's not my place to tell others to work out either. My mother is partially paralyzed & would love to move her body in the ways I did in my previous post, but unfortunately that's not a reality for her & so many other people. When you start to truly love yourself, you take care of your body the way YOU see fit. Live & let live y'all."

She added, "Lastly, when I post about working out, then all of a sudden y'all got jokes, everyone is a doctor & trainer. Y'all just can't handle seeing someone in a plus size body that isn't deemed desirable by societies standards THRIVING & it kills y'all. Worry about your own life."

She's right β€” people need to stop worrying about others and simply focus on their own lives and workouts.

Last week, Ashley Graham revealed she had a similar experience with harsh criticism regarding her workout videos. She doesn't work out to lose weight or get rid of her curves, nor does Tess, so can everyone let them live now?

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