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Weight-Loss Snack Tip

If You Inhale the Entire Bag of Chips in 1 Sitting, This Snack Hack Is a Must

You've heard it before: never eat straight out of the bag. So whether you're noshing on cookies or tortilla chips, you try to be good and grab a healthy portion size, put it in a bowl, and enjoy your snack. But the bag of chips calls to you! The open package is just too tempting! So you go back to the kitchen to refill your bowl, and then, oops — you end up inhaling half the bag. Sound familiar? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.

If you need some help with practicing self-control, here's a little snack hack to help you stick to those portion sizes. When you're opening a new bag or box, whether it's pretzels, popcorn, or crackers, divide the entire package into all the portions right then and there using little baggies. Your serving sizes will be more accurate when you divide them all at once, and they'll stay fresher, too. Put your preportioned servings into the cupboard or pantry. When you're ready for a snack, whether it's to nibble on while watching TV or to throw in your gym bag for later, just grab one and be done!

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