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Weighted Blankets That Keep You Cool

If You Run Hot, These 10 Cooling Weighted Blankets Are Just What the Doctor Ordered

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We're all about hygge-ing it up on the couch wrapped in your favorite blanket, or weighted blanket if anxiety is sort of omnipresent in your life nowadays. Take it from me, once you go weighted, you absolutely cannot go back. How could you when these babies live up to their promise to ease stress and insomnia?

The one caveat we have: if you normally like to be cool while you sleep or snuggle, weighted blankets can be too much, as their extra weight (usually created by microbeads that shape to your body) can lead to overheating. Luckily, we have a solution! These 10 weighted blankets will keep you feeling cocooned while also keeping you sweat-free and learn how to wash your new weighted blanket.

Image Source: gravityblankets.com

1. Coolmax Weighted Blanket

The Coolmax Weighted Blanket ($269-$299) is breathable and features technology that keeps moisture distributed evenly to prevent your body from getting hot. The fabric also goes through a specific tufting process, so the blankets are extra soft and smooth. Sounds cool to me.

Image Source: weightingcomforts.com
Coolmax Weighted Blanket
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2. Blanquil Chill

Put away the lavender oil, we found your new sleep aid. The Blanquil Chill ($249), and its removable cover, is not only comfortable, but stylish, too.

Image Source: myblanquil.com
Blanquil Chill
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3. Luna Weighted Blanket

The Luna Weighted Blanket ($99-$109) is made from organic cotton to keep it cool, and filled with glass pellets to promote restful and peaceful sleep.

Image Source: amazon.com
Luna Weighted Blanket
from amazon.com
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4. Gravity Cooling Blanket

The Gravity Cooling Blanket ($249) has it all: it comes with a micro-fiber removable duvet cover (cute colors, no less), clasps to keep your weighted blanket in place, and has gridded stitching to ensure your blanket's microbeads are uniformly distributed. Yes to all of the above, please!

Image Source: gravityblankets.com
Gravity Cooling Blanket
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5. Serenity Weighted Blanket

The Serenity Weighted Blanket ($199-$219) is 100 percent organic from the inside out. This 230-thread count blanket and 300-thread count duvet is as comfortable and breathable as is it environmentally friendly.

Serenity Weighted Blanket
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6. Flannel Magic Weighted Blanket

Don't let the flannel fool you. The Flannel Magic Weighted Blanket ($109) claims to be the first weighted blanket ever designed and prides itself on being the only blanket you need. The interior blanket is sewn into the duvet to assist with hassle-free washing.

Flannel Magic Weighted Blanket
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7. My Calm Blanket

You can finally replace your outdated Snuggie. My Calm Blanket ($169, originally $199) is designed to stay cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.

Image Source: mycalmblanket.com
My Calm Blanket
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8. InDaily Cool Weighted Blanket

Meet your best basic blanket. The InDaily Cool Weight Blanket ($49-$109) is breathable, comfortable, and transportable.

Image Source: amazon.com
InDaily Cool Weight Blanket
from amazon.com
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9. YnM Weighted Blanket

This seven-layer YnM Weighted Blanket ($59-$199) is designed with more glass beads and less fiber fill to ensure more temperature control.

Image Source: amazon.com
YnM Weighted Blanket
from amazon.com
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10. ZonLi Weighted Blanket

The ZonLi Weighted Blanket ($55-$309) is made entirely of cotton, which makes it breathable and durable. All blankets are also hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and odorless.

Image Source: amazon.com
ZonLi Weighted Blanket
from amazon.com
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Image Source: gravityblankets.com

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