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What's in Our (Gym) Bag? Here's Exactly What Fitness Editors Always Have on Hand

What Should I Put in My Gym Bag?
Image Source: Beauty and the Beach

As people who work out for a living — and test the best of the best fitness gear like it's our job (oh, wait . . . it is) — we've become experts at packing a gym bag with the most necessary essentials. From the best headphones for your lift session to the cutest grip socks for your reformer classes and the most comfortable sneakers to have when you're running off to a dance class, we have more than just a few suggestions about what you need to stock up on.

Here's a peek into each of our gym bags (the bag details included!), with a little insight as to what we use our favorite products for. Sorry in advance if this incites an online shop-a-thon.

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