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Who Is Russian Figure Skater Alina Zagitova?

Alina Zagitova Is the 15-Year-Old Russian Figure Skating Phenom We Can't Stop Talking About

The 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics are in full swing, but if you've had your eyes glued to the TV, like I have, during the team figure skating competition, chances are you experienced many mouth-dropping and eye-bulging moments, as skaters from all over the world took to the ice. But some of the most wow-worthy moments came from skaters most of us have never heard of before, until now. One those people is Alina Zagitova, a 15-year-old from Russia who not only set a new scoring record, but she took home the gold medal in the ladies' competition. She took first place over teammate Evgenia Medvedeva in the individual competition, so here are the five things you need to know about her.

She Began Skating at Age 5

Though Alina is new to the Olympics, she isn't new to the ice. She began figure skating at age 5, and by age 13, she had moved into an apartment in Moscow with her grandmother so she could train with a new coach. Since then, Alina has won gold medals at the exclusive 2016-2017 Junior Grand Prix Final, the 2017 European Youth Olympics, and the 2017 World Junior Championships.

She's Named After Another Olympian

Her parents decided to name her after another Russian Olympian, Alina Kabaeva, who was a rhythmic gymnast in the Salt Lake City Olympics.

She Has Cats and a Chinchilla as Pets

When Alina isn't on the ice, she enjoys hanging out with her animals. She has pet cats and a chinchilla. She also enjoys drawing and watching American TV shows.

She Shares a Coach With Another Major Olympian

There's that saying, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer," and apparently in figure skating, it rings true when it comes to competitors. Alina shares a coach with Evgenia, who is her number one competitor and also after the gold medal at this year's Olympics.

Athletics Run in Her Family

She's not the only member of her family who craves being on the ice. Alina's younger sister, Sabina, has also competed in figure skating, and her father, Ilnaz Zagitov, played ice hockey at the national level and has worked as an ice hockey coach in Russia.

Watch Alina skate as the Olympics air live on NBC.

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