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Who Is Torin Yater-Wallace?

Olympic Skier Torin Yater-Wallace's Story Will Leave You in Awe — Get to Know Him Better

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Torin Yater-Wallace is the 22-year-old skier who will melt your heart this Winter. There is a lot more to Yater-Wallace than meets the eye, and he has the kind of backstory only a true Olympian could have. If you're a fan of his, or just skiing in general, here are seven facts you'll want to know as the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, go on.

He Is a Lifelong Skier

Torin was born and raised in Aspen, CO, and by age 2 was already hitting the slopes. Up until age 7, he was mastering mogul skiing, but eventually turned his attention to the halfpipe. By the time he was 13, he was already competing professionally.

He Supported His Family With Skiing

When Torin began to make it big in the sport as a teenager, it also made him the primary source of income for his family, as Torin's dad had been serving a federal prison sentence.


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He Battled Illness, Injuries, and Personal Struggles

In 2015, the athlete was so sick with strep throat he had to be sedated and put into medical paralysis for 10 days. When Torin finally woke up, he weighed 20 pounds less and was determined to get better. By mid-January 2016, Torin powered through and was cleared to ski again by his doctors. Six weeks later, Torin was back and made an impressive showing at the X Games, taking home gold in Oslo, Norway, that year.

He Is the Subject of a Documentary

In 2018, a documentary about the skier, titled Back to Life, debuted on ABC. It chronicles Torin's bout with strep throat and also some of the other physical injuries he had to overcome to achieve his dreams.

He Has Been in 5 X Games

The X Games are an important part of many major athletes' careers who participate in Winter sports, and Torin has been in five. He has taken home two gold medals, two silver, and one bronze, all part of the ski superpipe.

He Is the Youngest Medalist Ever in the X Games

In addition to Torin's impressive showing in all five of his X Game appearances, he is also the youngest medalist ever at age 15. He won a silver medal at the Winter X Games in Aspen in 2011.

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He Is 5'9"

The Olympic athlete stands 5'9". He also weighs in at 145 pounds.

He Is a December Baby

Born on Dec. 2, 1995, Torin is a Winter baby. In addition to being born in a colder time of year, this also makes him a Sagittarius.

To learn more, visit Team USA. The Winter Olympics will air live beginning Feb. 8.

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