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If You've Recently Gained Weight, This Photo Will Make You Love Your Extra Pounds

A post shared by Evyenia Roza 🌹 (@evyeniaroza) on

Thank you, Evyenia, because we all needed this post. She captioned the above before-and-after photo with, "Weight gain. I'm here to tell you that it happens and it's okay. You do not deserve to be made to feel bad about yourself for one second."

She shared that her "weight gain came from severe mental illness, medication, an eating disorder, and a toxic relationship. All of that happened and here I am."

Evyenia said that she's not going to allow her weight gain to make her feel bad about herself. Her body is not a problem that needs to be fixed. She added, "I'm not gonna torture myself into 'getting my body back.' This is my body and I love it because it's mine and it's been with me through hell and back."

Standing up tall and slow-clapping for all of it. Life is hard. Mental illness, eating disorders, and bad relationships can have such a devastating impact on not only our emotional health, but our physical health as well. This post is a great reminder that gaining weight is OK; ups and downs are completely normal. The number on the scale doesn't define you as a person, and it doesn't dictate your worth, nor should it dictate your happiness.

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