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Yoga Emotion GIFs

The Emotional Roller Coaster That Occurs During Yoga

Whenever I head to a Vinyasa yoga class, I always leave more relaxed and uplifted than when I first arrived. With that said, sometimes I need to jump all over the emotional spectrum to find that place of peace. If you can relate, buckle up and read on through this emotional roller coaster, animated in awesome GIFs.

The afternoon is pretty dull, but then you realize you signed up for yoga last night.

Source: NBC

And your favorite teacher is instructing!

Source: Netflix

Tonight is going to be the best. You're going to push yourself in order to get a challenging workout, but you'll still leave plenty of space for the spiritual side of things.

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As soon enter the studio, you feel an instant sense of calm and release. You're ready to rock this class.

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You politely chat with students in the lobby and sip plenty of water so you're adequately hydrated.

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Then your yoga BFF arrives. You guys are so excited because YOU GET TO DO YOGA TONIGHT!

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You walk into the room, juggling a mat, block, blanket, strap, and your water bottle, and try to nab a spot that will suit your needs. This is way more difficult than it needs to be.

Source: FX

Then you say hello to the teacher in the hope of making a connection.

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Now that you're settled, you can sit quietly and warm up your wrists and toes, but no need to go overboard.

You begin to let go of all your lists, expectations, and responsibilities. For now.

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You're warming up and flowing through some Sun Salutations, and you are feeling good.

Then, about two minutes into class, you have that moment when you think to yourself, "Maybe I should become a yoga instructor. I could totally teach this class!"

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Slowly but surely, you ease into Tree Pose and almost immediately lose your balance. This is normally an easy pose for you, but for some strange reason, it's not working out today.


Then you turn to your left and see a seminaked yogi winking at you suggestively. Not the time or place!

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Really? Crow Pose this early in class? Is this teacher really choosing every pose you hate on purpose?

20th Century Fox

OK, we get it. You need to breathe really deep. If you connect your movement with your breath, this will all feel a lot easier and more pleasant . . .

Wait! You just got an adjustment from your instructor. She doesn't hate you after all — it was all in your mind.

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All right, this is really hard again. Is class almost over?

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Savasana! Time to lay down. Now all you have to do is chill out.

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After what feels like 10 seconds of rest, you're already asked to wake up.

Source: Lifetime

But tonight you took care of your mind, body, and spirit. You should be proud of your commitment.

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See you tomorrow, mat!

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