Gymnast Alicia Boren Already Won 1st Place on Floor, but She Also Deserves Gold For Her Dance Moves

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There's nothing quite like watching college gymnastics. You get to see crazy-powerful women defy gravity in ways you never thought possible, and you can tell they're having tons of fun doing it. On April 19, the first night of the NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships, eight teams vied for spots in Saturday's "Final Four" lineup; all the while, the individual event finals competition played out. Though the University of Florida didn't compete as a team, senior Alicia Boren was crowned floor co-champion with a score of 9.95 alongside UCLA's Kyla "Boss" Ross, Denver's Lynnzee Brown, and Oklahoma's Brenna Dowell (Kyla, by the way, also won vault co-champion).

Alicia's tie for first place marks the third time a Florida Gator received an NCAA floor title, and her routine is one of those performances that make you want to get up and dance with her. Seriously, she's got amazing moves — she throws in some shimmying and does the "nae nae" and cool neck isolations that she makes look easy.

In her floor routine, you'll hear popular music from all genres like Fifth Harmony's "Worth It," MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This," and Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz's "Get Low." It opens up with a jaw-dropping double layout, and anyone can see she's having a blast throughout. Watch the full performance above, and try not to dance along — we dare you. Congrats, Alicia!