Ariana Grande Says "Therapy Has Saved My Life So Many Times" in Response to a Fan's Question

If you haven't heard Ariana Grande's latest single "Thank U, Next," we suggest you stop right here and stream it before reading any further.

Many expected the track to be a diss song to all her exes, but it turns out she's "so f*cking grateful" for them and all the lessons she's learned along the way. Ariana makes references to her relationships with Pete Davidson, Mac Miller, and Big Sean, just before singing, "I ain't worried bout nothing," describing her journey to self-love.

People can't get enough of the catchy lyrics, with one fan even tweeting, "Who is Ariana's therapist and are they accepting new clients?"

lmaoaoo this is funny as fuck but in all honesty therapy has saved my life so many times. if you're afraid to ask for help, don't be. u don't have to be in constant pain & u can process trauma. i've got a lot of work to do but it's a start to even be aware that it's possible. 🖤

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) November 5, 2018

Ariana found the tweet to be funny and took a moment to reply, saying, "This is funny as f*ck, but in all honesty, therapy has saved my life so many times." She continued, encouraging fans to ask for help, even if they're afraid, in order to process their trauma. In response, fans began sharing their own stories and congratulated Ariana for using her platform to discuss mental health. Check out their reactions ahead.