Luckiest Man in the World Finds Secret Dairy-Free Ben & Jerry's Flavors

What could be more profound and exciting than discovering the lost city of Atlantis? Discovering secret new Ben & Jerry's dairy-free flavors, and then sharing them with the world on Instagram.

Not all heroes wear capes, and while we don't know if Instagram user @phillyveganmonster wears a cape or not (it appears that he does wear a mask, though), he is certainly a hero in our eyes. Upon discovering the yet-to-be-announced vegan flavors at his local market ("south square market," according to his caption), he uploaded photos to Instagram to scream the news from a digital mountaintop.

Said flavors are the Ben & Jerry's classics Cherry Garcia and Coconut Seven Layer Bar, both apparently made with almond milk and certified vegan. If your reaction to that statement is, "sweet mother of God," you're not alone. The dairy-free internet has collectively lost their sh*t in anticipation of the release, especially because the brand has yet to officially announce the product's availability in stores.

From what we've gathered, we can look forward to the actual announcement in a week or so. Refinery 29 reached out to Ben & Jerry's and received this frantic yet mostly unhelpful response: "We cannot confirm nor deny the new Non Dairy [sic] flavors coming to shelves in 2017, that we'll be announcing in the middle of February, no matter how delicious they are . . .!"

Essentially, Ben & Jerry's has sent us into a frenzy on a vegan Easter egg hunt and we'll be ravenously scouring all of our local grocery stores until we come away with an almond-milk-based frozen prize. If you find them, please let us know, and maybe save us a pint?