5 Reasons You Should Get It on During Your Period

Period sex doesn't seem so sexy when you're bloated and fatigued, but you may want to rethink avoiding intimacy during that time of the month. Once you get past the idea of making a mess (look here for steamy positions that minimize cleanup), getting down on your period actually comes with awesome benefits you probably didn't expect. Don't believe us? Prepare to want to make the most of your next cycle after reading this.

  1. Cramp relief: This should be reason enough to have sex on your period! When you orgasm, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that act as painkillers and more blood rushes to the uterus as it contracts, easing cramps as a result.
  2. Increased libido: If you've ever noticed an uptick in your sex drive around your period, you're not imagining things. Thanks to hormonal fluctuations, many women report feeling more turned on than usual during this time. So go ahead and give your body what it wants!
  3. Shorter periods: As we mentioned, the uterus contracts to expel lining during menstruation and also contracts as you climax. These contractions could cut down your cycle since more material is being released.
  4. Headache alleviation: That's right — 70 percent of migraine patients who participated in this study reported "moderate to complete relief" from their headaches during sexual activity. So go ahead and put your ibuprofen away.
  5. Natural lube: Let it flow, girl. Your blood can serve as a natural lubricant, allowing you and your partner to enjoy uninterrupted sex without having to pause and reach for your bedside bottle. However, blood does dry pretty quickly, so be sure you're fully aroused first to avoid solely relying on your blood. Otherwise, things can get a little rough — and not in the fun way.

Overall, the key to having great sex while on your period is to feel as comfortable as possible. Remember there's nothing to be embarrassed about and there's really no better mood killer than feeling self-conscious. Sex and menstruation are two totally normal and healthy things — so why not combine the two?