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Best Sex Positions When You're on Your Period

6 Steamy Sex Positions to Minimize Mess and Maximize Pleasure During Your Period

During that time of the month, there are few things worse than having the urge to make love with your partner but not being able to for fear of making a mess, experiencing pain, or simply having an uncomfortable experience. However, there are a few tips and positions you can try to make your experience a little easier and more enjoyable as well.


"If you're on your back, knees bent or legs up, you'll be able to adjust to ensure it doesn't increase cramping, and with a towel beneath you, it'll be easy to clean up afterwards. You can also add clitoral stimulation so you're assured pain-relieving orgasms," said Antonia Hall, MA, a psychologist, relationship expert, and sexpert and the award-winning author of The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life.


This is a timeless classic and works really well for couples during that time of the month. "It allows for shallow and quick penetration, thus reducing the amount of pressure on her cervix, ultimately alleviating some of the pain that may be caused by cramping," said Caleb Backe, a health and wellness expert for Maple Holistics. It's also a great way to reduce the mess if there is any and will allow for some pretty intimate sex (ear nibbling, throat kissing, breast fondling, and even clitoral stimulation).

On the Edge of the Bed

"This is a pretty practical way to have sex anyway and can really help to reduce the mess associated with bleeding as well as making clitoral stimulation easier and deeper penetration — for those who like it like that," Backe said. It's also a lot easier on the woman as she can control the amount of strain she places on her waist — thus reducing the likelihood of cramps as well as any strain she may feel during sex.

The "Jockey"

This is a great way to give everyone what they want while minimizing the spillage factor. In this position, the woman lies face down with her legs together and her partner rides on top of her, like a jockey riding a horse. "During this position, the male can really work on hitting the G-spot without straining himself too much, and for the lady, it's as easy as lying there and waiting for the orgasms to start rolling in," Backe said. It's a favorite of mine as it's comfortable for both parties and is a position that's easy to manage.

Reverse Cowgirl

This is a great way to manage any spillage that may occur during sex or — better yet — minimize it altogether. "It allows the lady to have more control over the whole act, which means she sets the pace and speed. I would ultimately recommend starting with spooning and once you're comfortable with that, move into the reverse cowgirl position," Backe said.

Shower Sex

"Having sex while standing in a warm (not hot) shower can actually relax muscles, relieving cramps and helping you get the orgasms you deserve. Also, neither of you need to worry about cleaning up," Hall said.

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