These 7 Intense Workouts Are Set Only to BTS Songs, and They're Utter Perfection

If BTS's newest comeback has you feeling emotions you didn't know existed, a) join the club, b) come talk to me about "ON" (boy, do I have theories about that music video), and c) it's the perfect time to revamp your workouts, BTS style. I'm not just talking about a BTS workout playlist, although I've got a few of those. What about choreographing your whole workout to a BTS hit? Push-ups during "Burning Up (Fire)"? Squats to "Boy With Luv"?

The YouTube fitness community is way ahead of you. That's where I found these next seven workout videos, from core circuits to cardio dance routines, all set to BTS songs. Whether you're suiting up and trying the moves yourself or watching along from the couch (aka me), these routines are sure to bring out the ARMY in all of us. (Like we needed any help with that.)

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"ON" BTS Cardio Dance Workout by Mylee Dance

"ON" hits hard with a unique marching band hip-hop sound. This quick cardio dance workout from Mylee Dance evokes that intensity with drummer-like moves and plenty of jumping!

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"Boy With Luv" BTS feat. Halsey Full-Body Workout by MadFit

This fast-paced bodyweight workout is so satisfying to watch. Fitness YouTuber Maddie Lymburner (aka MadFit) focuses on glutes, core, and legs and even works in some cardio with jumping jacks, and it's perfectly on beat to BTS's 2019 hit "Boy With Luv."

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"Mic Drop (Remix)" BTS feat. Steve Aoki Dance Workout by Fitness Marshall

Get down with this hyped-up Fitness Marshall dance cardio workout set to my personal favorite BTS song. Enjoy the iconic "mic drop" choreo section, because it's the only chance you'll have to catch your breath.

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"Boy With Luv" BTS Cardio Dance Workout by Mylee Dance

If you're familiar with BTS's "Boy With Luv" choreography, you'll recognize some key parts of Mylee Dance's upbeat routine. Just pretend you've got Jimin's moves and you'll be fine. (Turn on your captions to get Mylee's instructions in English!)

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"Dream Glow" BTS & Charli XCX Workout by Cardio Party Mashup

BTS's "Dream Glow" collab with Charli XCX is a slower song, but still one of my faves, so I was pumped that certified personal trainer Jennifer Lewis used it in this glute- and core-focused workout. The routine is intense but low impact, so it's great for a rest day or to finish off a tough workout.

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"Chicken Noodle Soup" J-Hope feat. Becky G Cardio Dance Workout by Mylee Dance

I love the fast-slow-fast pacing of this quick cardio dance workout, but don't worry if the fast is a little too quick for you at first. As long as you're dancing, you're working out!

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"DNA" BTS Dance Workout by Fitness Marshall

Throwback to the Fitness Marshall's first K-pop workout, which takes the otherworldly feel of "DNA" and turns it into a hard-hitting dance routine filled with body rolls and a full-on moon landing at the end.