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The Best BTS Running Playlist

The All-BTS Running Playlist That Makes My Hardest Runs Fly By

The Best BTS Running Playlist
Image Source: Getty / Jason LaVeris / Contributor

As soon as I started listening to BTS, I started running to BTS. Basically, I heard "MIC Drop (Remix)" once and it was on my running playlist before I even knew what was happening. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I'm stacking my playlist with BTS songs and replaying them multiple times per run. At some point it was like, OK, let's just make an all-BTS running playlist so I don't have to pull out my phone every half mile and replay "Blood Sweat & Tears" again.

Everybody, this is that playlist. I chose only the fastest, most hyped-up and empowering BTS songs, so lace up your shoes, turn up the volume, and let K-pop's biggest phenomenon motivate you (aka me) to crush every mile.

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