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Most Iconic Moments From the Gymnastics Movie, Stick It

The Top 5 Greatest Moments From Stick It, the Iconic Gymnastics Film We'd Give a Perfect 10

Most Iconic Moments From the Gymnastics Movie, Stick It
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I've watched Stick It, written and directed by Jessica Bendinger, more times than I can count. It was actually the first PG-13 movie my little preteen self watched. And, as a gymnast at the time, I was mesmerized; then I proceeded to replay scenes from the film in my head and on screen throughout the next near-decade I spent in the sport. While the movie does briefly allude to darker issues — problematic coaches and toxic body image — the comedy brings to light some of the best parts about gymnastics: the sheer strength you garner physically and mentally, the support of fellow teammates with a healthy dose of competition, and the freedom to fly.

I loved Haley Graham (Missy Peregrym) and all she stood for when defying the cookie-cutter confines of what a "perfect" gymnast needs to be. She stayed true to her values despite a complicated family life and past, though there's plenty of self-growth that takes place. And she was, undeniably, a badass. There are so many great scenes — handstands at the mall, Haley's rockstar floor performance at Nationals, any time Nastia Liukin shows up, and Joanne (Vanessa Lengies) finally holding her own against her mom (Julie Warner). But, in honor of Stick It's 15th anniversary, I narrowed down five of my favorite moments from the fantastic film. Keep reading to see them all.

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