Constipation Got You Down? There's a Tea For That

You know that feeling when you need to go, but it just isn't happening? Sometimes that feeling can be painful, while other times it's just plain uncomfortable. You need to relieve yourself, but your body's not having it. Well that, my friends, is constipation. So how do you find relief?

First and foremost, if you're experiencing constipation often, you need to figure out why. Consult with a doctor to find out if there are any underlying issues, especially if you have a bowel movement less than three times a week. Now, if you're only constipated once in a while, there are a few natural remedies that could work. Make sure you're staying active, eating fruit and other foods rich in fiber, and checking your water intake and stress levels.

And if you're a tea-lover, good news! As if tea wasn't great enough with its relaxing qualities and potential weight-loss benefits, there are even a few teas that can actually help you with your number two. If you aren't currently taking medicine for constipation, then try these teas to help sooth that tummy.


In cases where constipation is not happening frequently, senna leaf, which is an herbal laxative, can be beneficial. While it won't cure chronic constipation, teas that contain senna leaf, such as Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move tea, can help "stimulate the muscles in the digestive tract," Dr. Shilpi Agarwal, family physician and author of The 10-Day Total Body Transformation, told POPSUGAR, which can usually help people with "occasional constipation, constipation related to travel, or hormonal-related constipation (before or after your period, for example)."


Ginger tea can be very soothing for your stomach. Added bonus: it also helps with bloating! The combination of warm water and ginger can aid in digestion. Ginger is also a great remedy because it can "calm an irritable stomach, which can sometimes contribute to constipation as well," Dr. Agarwal said.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root tea has gentle laxative capabilities. It is also "abundant in minerals and has a natural diuretic effect," Dora Vandekamp, certified nutritionist and natural beauty expert, told POPSUGAR. The diuretic properties in dandelion root "allow your body to eliminate toxins efficiently and soothe digestive discomfort and bloating, speeding up the process of elimination," Vandekamp said. After making the tea and allowing it to cool, Vandekamp suggested adding aloe vera, magnesium powder, and raw honey to help "increase diuretic and soothing effects."

Intensify the Benefits of Your Tea

When drinking tea for constipation, it is best to add ingredients that will help soothe your stomach rather than aggravate it more. It's important to note that adding things like dairy or refined sugar to your tea can promote inflammation and dehydration, which will in turn be unhelpful during constipation. Instead, opt for a pinch of a more natural sweetener like raw honey or a bit of lemon for its alkaline properties.