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Best Tasting Whole-Grain Bread

10 Healthy Whole-Grain Breads, Because You Need a Vehicle For That Morning Avocado and Egg

Best Tasting Whole-Grain Bread
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Bread isn't always out to get you, as many diet trends (ahem, keto, we're looking at you) have painted it to be. It's all about making healthy choices that portion the right type and amount of carbs, and that's where whole-grain breads come in to save the day.

Your plate should contain a trio of protein, fat, and carbs, and if your choice of carbs is bread, picking whole-grain options is the best way to go. They contain more nutrients — like protein, fiber, and vitamins — than white, processed bread, and won't spike your blood sugar as much as other processed carbs, which perfect if your goal is weight loss and you're looking to accomplish that on a diet rich in complex carbs. So, if bread has been missing from your life for some time or you're still having that avocado and egg on white toast every morning, it's time to pick up one of our top 10 favorite whole-grain options.

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