Just in Time For Summer: The Definitive Ranking of Halo Top Ice Cream, From Worst to Best

POPSUGAR Photography | Dominique Astorino
POPSUGAR Photography | Dominique Astorino

There is a special kind of love for Halo Top at POPSUGAR. People here go wild for the low-calorie, high-protein ice cream and can barely believe it's not laden with fat and sugar. How can something that tastes so damn good only result in 300 calories for an entire pint?!

Since its release last year, we've had the hard job of tasting each one of Halo Top's 25 flavors. We've endured spoon after spoon of flavors like Pancakes and Waffles, Vanilla Bean, and Mochi Green Tea — hard life, I know. At this point, it's safe to say that POPSUGAR editors are true experts in all things Halo Top, helping you decide the flavors that deserve room in your freezer. Here's our definitive ranking of Halo Top ice cream from worst to best.

Additional reporting by Dominique Astorino

25th: Black Cherry (1.8 stars) / "Tastes like fake cherry candy."
24th: Chocolate Almond Crunch (2.5 stars) / "Too much almond . . . needs more chocolate."
23rd: S'mores (3 stars) / "Doesn't really taste like s'mores."
22nd: Sea Salt Caramel (3 stars) / "Not enough sea salt."
21st: Chocolate Mocha Chip (3.2 stars) / "Powdery, dry, strange, crumbly texture."

20th: Peanut Butter Cup (3.2 stars) / "Tastes good, but where are the actual PB cups?"
19th: Lemon Cake (3.22 stars) / "Just OK."
18th: Pistachio (3.25 stars) / "Very creamy, sweet . . . weird aftertaste.
17th: Red Velvet (3.5 stars) / "Pretty good, especially for 360 calories a pint!"
16th: Candy Bar (3.5 stars) / "Love the chocolate syrup and pieces of toasted nuts."

15th: Rainbow Swirl (3.75 stars) / "Yes! Tropical fun."
14th: Oatmeal Cookie (3.75 stars) / "If oatmeal cookies and ice cream had a delicious baby."
13th: Chocolate (3.8 stars) / "Delicious and silky smooth."
12th: Strawberry (3.9 stars) / "Creamy and yummy like a strawberry milkshake."
11th: Cookies and Cream (3.95 stars) / "Smooth, creamy, with lots of cookie chunks."

10th: Mochi Green Tea (4.1 stars) / "OMG real mochi!!!"
9th: Mint Chip (4.2 stars) / "SO good. Minty and creamy . . . but where are the chips?"
8th: Chocolate Covered Banana (4.4 stars) / "Laffy Taffy for sure."
7th: Caramel Macchiato (4.5 stars) / "Tastes just like a caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks!"
6th: Birthday Cake (4.5 stars) / "Sweet God, tastes like yellow cake batter."

5th: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (4.6 stars) / "This is DELICIOUS."
4th: Cinnamon Roll (4.75 stars) / "Like a frozen Cinnabon."
3rd: Vanilla Bean: (5 stars) / "Smooth, and not too sweet."
2nd: Pancakes and Waffles: (5 stars) / "Tastes like butter and maple syrup. LOVE."
1st: Pumpkin Pie: (5 stars) / "I don't like pumpkin pie, but I LOVE THIS."