The Best Zoodle Inspiration For Your Low-Carb Pasta Fix

POPSUGAR Photography | Lizzie Fuhr
POPSUGAR Photography | Lizzie Fuhr

Zoodles are the new noodles. Made from zucchini, zoodles are the low-carb, Paleo-friendly dream of pasta-lovers everywhere. The best part about the spiralized vegetable is you can create the strands with or without a spiralizer (all you need is a julienne peeler). If you're into this idea but you're not sure where to start, we've rounded up the best zoodle inspiration from Instagram. Read on for 15 creative ways to enjoy the pasta substitute!

Instagram | laras_kitchen_stories

Zucchini noodles work perfectly with all your typical pasta additions. We love this delicious-looking combination of bacon, onions, tomatoes, and feta.

Instagram | palemooonliight

Make an all-green meal of zucchini noodles and dairy-free avocado and lemon sauce.

Instagram | thecleandiary

With no boiling required, zoodles make the perfect option for a speedy weeknight dinner. This gorgeous version with olive oil, garlic, chili flakes, lemon, parmesan, shrimp, and toasted pine nuts is giving us serious cravings.

Instagram | yearofthefox

We're loving this creative twist on the typical preparation: zucchini noodle soup. This colorful (and totally vegan) bowl has coconut milk, green curry, garlic, lemongrass, baby ginger, kaffir lime juice, Spring onions, green bell pepper, red Anaheim pepper, shredded snow peas, diced asparagus, zucchini noodles, and cilantro. Weekend project? We think so!

Instagram | my.summer.body

A big bowl of spiralized zucchini is the perfect bed for juicy, blistered cherry tomatoes this Summer.

Instagram | courtjaneb

Zoodles can be served cold, room temperature, or warm. Pack a no-heat lunch of zucchini ribbons, fennel, avocado, fresh mint, and feta. You'll feel like you're indulging in pasta, but this lunch is more of a salad, and there's no dressing required.

Instagram | cleanfitlifestyle

A new healthy dinner is in your future! Switch up your regular salmon dinner by baking it with spicy Cajun seasoning and setting it over a bed of zoodles and the veggies of your choice.

Instagram | eskygirl

When covered in pesto, zucchini noodles can be 100-percent masked as regular pasta. If you're pasta-obsessed and trying to be healthy, you'll want to add this recipe to your rotation. Start with easy homemade vegan pesto, and top with just a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

Instagram | cleanfoodisdreamfood

Bolognese gone vegan: we're loving this inspiration to make zoodles topped with a flavorful vegan bolognese sauce.

Instagram | veganspirationist

Sometimes, simple is better. Highlight the flavor of zucchini with a light olive oil sauce, and garnish with fresh basil and tomatoes.

Instagram | beyondbalance

This bowl of zoodles is giving us major Mediterranean inspiration. Add kalamata olives, capers, and a spicy tomato sauce for a zingy boost of flavor.

Instagram | flyin_easy

Instead of ordering greasy takeout, make your own Asian stir-fry packed with veggie "noodles" and plenty of protein.

Instagram | eatingbirdfood

This bright and fresh zoodle dish is Spring in a bowl! Combine your zucchini with asparagus, yellow bell pepper, and jalapeños for a slightly sweet, slightly spicy lunch or dinner.

Instagram | veganchiquich

A low-carb meal fit for a dinner party: zoodles with a sauce made from one small avocado, two mangoes, three celery stalks, three dates, and a small chili pepper. Add mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes for extra body, and you've got a crowd-pleasing meal that vegans and omnivores will love.