This Body Positivity Activist Is Back With Another Refreshingly Real Post

Megan Jayne is a body positivity blogger and social media activist who frequently graces the internet with her refreshing perspective and candid reality checks. After overcoming an eating disorder at 14, she started a website, Body Posi Panda, that would serve as a space for her to work through her own recovery, as well as highlight other body diversity advocates.

Jayne is garnering attention yet again with a recent Facebook post that acknowledges social media's highly curated nature and criticizes its effect on the way we view bodies. She wrote, "We see so many painstakingly posed professional model bodies that we start to see our own as flawed. Abnormal. Ugly. But there really is no wrong way to have a body, despite what we've all been taught."

One of the reasons people flock to Jayne's Instagram is because of her natural poses — although she does have her fair share of naysayers. To this effect, Jayne added, "Whenever I post anything celebrating my belly rolls there's an army of body shamers ready to tell me that I'm hideous, unhealthy, unworthy. But guess what? MOST WOMEN HAVE BELLY ROLLS WHEN THEY SIT DOWN."

Though it's normal to want to preserve a certain veneer on Instagram, Jayne's post serves as a much-needed call to challenge that which is arbitrarily considered flattering.