Britney Spears, in Shades, Shares Her Full-Body Gym Workouts

Britney Spears is no stranger to the gym — she's shared plenty of training sessions and gymnastics content on social media before. In her most recent workout videos, seen ahead, she demonstrates a slew of weightlifting moves in addition to cardio. In the first video, there are alternating dumbbell front-arm raises, goblet squat pulses with a kettlebell, barbell overhead presses, and more.

You'll see Spears using machines to work her triceps, lats, hamstrings, and abs; plus, she runs on the treadmill. Of course, she fits in dance sequences between exercises, too. Try out some of these moves for yourself — and bonus points if you (with caution) wear cool sunglasses like her! "I'm the silly 🤪 girl with shades 🕶 on in the gym," Spears writes on Instagram. ". . . if you've never done it before, I suggest you do."

Spears, sporting the same shades, showcases another workout, also seen ahead, featuring up-down planks, chest press, full-body and ab exercises using a stability ball, and power-walking on the treadmill that turns into running. She does bicycle crunches and stretches outside as well. The video is set to her very own "Work B**ch."

Maybe you're into this Britney Spears-themed dance cardio or a Peloton ride dedicated to the pop icon instead. Because if you're not working out with her, you might as well be breaking a sweat to her hit songs!

Britney Spears's Gym Workout #1

Britney Spears's Gym Workout #2