Work Your Entire Body With This Burpees-Before-Breakfast Workout

POPSUGAR Photography | Benjamin Stone
POPSUGAR Photography | Benjamin Stone

Want to feel your heart thumping, your lungs huffing and puffing, and your muscles burning? Then roll out of bed and start this burpee circuit workout designed to burn calories and totally tone your arms, core, and legs — all before breakfast. It involves three dynamic variations of burpees that you repeat five times (or 10 or more if you want a more intense workout). It just might get you so energized, you can pass on your usual cup of coffee. Well, almost.

Before starting this workout, grab a set of five- to 10-pound dumbbells.

Basic Burpee

Basic Burpee

  1. Lower into a crouching squat with your hands on the floor.
  2. Do a squat thrust by jumping your feet back into a plank position.
  3. Do one basic push-up, bending the elbows and then straightening back to plank.
  4. Jump the feet forward to the hands, and come into a squat.
  5. Do an explosive jump straight up, getting as much height as you can.
Reverse Burpee

Reverse Burpee

  1. Begin standing with the arms extended overhead.
  2. Bend the knees and, in a controlled motion, lower your tush all the way to the floor.
  3. Roll onto your back, drawing your knees toward your face.
  4. Use momentum and your core strength (not your hands) to kick forward, landing on the feet.
  5. Rise to stand, and do an explosive jump straight up, getting as much height as you can.

Man-Maker Burpee

  1. Start in a wide stance with a set of five- to 10-pound dumbbells on the floor in front of you.
  2. Bend the knees and lower into a deep squat, grabbing onto your free weights.
  3. Jump both feet back into a plank position (still holding the weights).
  4. Do a tricep push-up, bending the elbows behind you, then straightening the arms.
  5. Do a row on the left side, and then on the right right.
  6. Jump both feet forward, drop the hips and pick the chest up.
  7. Pull the dumbbells up into a bicep curl.
  8. Stand up and do an overhead press with the weights.
  9. Slowly bring the weights back down to the floor as you squat down.