This Is What Candace Cameron Bure Eats to Stay Young

Candace Cameron Bure has been in the limelight for a couple decades — but you would be hard-pressed to see a difference between her in her 20s and now. At 40, the Full House and Fuller House actress revealed to Cosmo exactly how she retains her youth. It comes as a surprise to no one that Candace's secret is a strict diet and exercise.

Candace told the magazine that even though she travels bicoastally often, she maintains her vegan diet. Though she's got a few exceptions: egg whites and occasionally fish. Cutting out dairy has transformed her body. According to Cosmo, Candace "swears the change cured her irritable stomach issues, reduced puffiness in her face and body, and cured her chronic congestion and cough." That certainly sounds like enough benefits to convince anyone to cut out dairy.

The article chronicles Candace's daily routine and it's full of inspiration. Some highlights: Candace drinks a ton of water while flying, she's obsessed with Shakeology protein shakes, and she works out five days a week. Though not a revolutionary diet, Candace's regimen is further proof that the healthier you eat and live, the more the clock just keeps ticking backward.