We Can All Learn From Carrie Underwood's Powerful Insta Post on Her Postbaby Body

It's safe to say that most of us have experienced frustration with our bodies at some point in our lives, whether you're trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply feel better. When the results just aren't showing up, it's so easy to blame yourself, compare yourself to others, and feel like giving up. Throw in a major life and physical change, like having a child, and it's easy to forget the incredible things your body can do (like giving birth and breastfeeding), and focus only on the frustration.

Carrie Underwood, who gave birth to her second son, Jacob, in January, opened up on Instagram today about her journey of getting back into shape and how it's not going the way she expected it to. The 36-year-old singer shared that "bouncing back" after having Jacob is more difficult than it was after the birth of her first son, Isaiah, and said that lately, she's been hard on herself because of it. For anyone who has experienced the struggles of getting into shape after a big physical change, and for new moms especially, it's incredibly relatable.

"I can't lift as much weight or do as many reps as I could a year ago," she wrote. "I just want to feel like myself again . . . for my body to feel the way that I know it can." But then, Carrie said, she realized something that totally changed her perspective. "For the past 11(ish) months, my body has not belonged to me. It was a perfect home for Jacob. And even now it belongs to him every time he drinks his milk."

After that, Carrie said she made a promise to herself: "To start appreciating what my body CAN do and stop focusing on what it can't." It's a message for everyone, wherever they are on their fitness journey, to love their body for what it is now, even as you work to make it stronger. And as Carrie reminded us, it's always worth it to keep striving. "As long as I'm always working towards my goals," she said, "one day, I'll reach them. I'm going to take it day by day, smile at the girl in the mirror, and work out because I love this body and all it has done and will continue to do!" Read Carrie's full post below: it's worth it.