How Cauliflower Can Help You Lose Weight

POPSUGAR Photography | Nicole Perry
POPSUGAR Photography | Nicole Perry

Cauliflower wasn't always the sexiest piece of produce in the crisper, but since realizing what this versatile veg can do, it's been a staple in our fridges. If you're trying to lose weight, here's why you need a head of this white cruciferous vegetable ready to go at all times.

It's low in carbs: One of the reasons we've majorly fallen for cauliflower is because of its low carb count. It easily subs in seamlessly for so many of our favorite comfort foods like fried rice, mac and cheese, and even pizza.

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It's high in fiber: Healthy digestion is essential to beat bloat and support weight loss. Luckily, cauliflower is a vegetable that's naturally high in fiber, so adding it to your diet will only help you stay regular.

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It offers omega-3s: Cauliflower is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which can improve the body's response to insulin by stimulating the secretion of leptin. Leptin is one of the hormones that helps regulate body weight and can also increase metabolism.

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