Celebs Are Singing While Holding a Plank Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres's Plank That Song Challenge

Ellen DeGeneres knows that being cooped up at home might cause a decline in workout motivation. That's not necessarily a bad thing — it's a stressful time — but she acknowledges that getting in exercise during your day can actually be fun. Case in point: holding a plank while you sing one of your favorite songs.

DeGeneres came up with the Plank That Song Challenge to help people maintain core strength — after all, a strong core is essential for good posture, can prevent back pain, and is useful in everyday movement — and celebs are trying it out. In the original video, DeGeneres explained the rules: choose a song to sing, record yourself holding a plank for the entirety of that song (or for as long as you can), post it on social media, and nominate three friends to do the same challenge.

First up was DeGeneres's executive producer, Andy, then dancer tWitch, who sang the ABC song. Then a few celebrities got on board to plank it out. The list includes Mario Lopez rapping along to part of LL Cool J's "I Need Love," Eva Longoria getting through another verse from "I Need Love," and DeGeneres herself doing the challenge to "Shoop" by Salt-N-Pepa.

Note: We just want to point out that Lopez filmed himself holding a plank even before he began singing. We know he's fit, so we're not surprised. We love to see that major dedication!

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