Costco's Acai Bowls Are Only $5 and 330 Calories — So, Consider Breakfast Served

Costco's cherished food court has received a healthy new menu item: acai bowls. Early this year, shoppers noticed Costco had begun selling the superfood smoothie bowl, which features granola, banana chips, strawberries, and blueberries. As a nice change from Costco's $1.50 hot dog — nothing against the hot dog, though, it's delicious — the 330-calorie tropical treat seems to have since been welcomed with open arms.

At just $5, the acai bowl is more affordable, too. (An acai bowl at Juice Generation or Juice Press, for example, will set you back $9.) How does it taste? One person who reviewed the bowl on Instagram said she was pleased with the fresh toppings. "I was totally expecting a frozen fruit situation, like McDonald's yogurt parfait," she said, adding, "I also really liked the granola and banana chip mix." She did, however, note that the acai blend was a little too icy, like a sorbet.

Curious? Check out pictures of Costco's latest healthy offering ahead before deciding if it's worth your $5. (We think it might be!)