This Gym Has CrossFit Classes For Seniors — Including "Disco & Deadlifts"

When you think of CrossFit, you think of intense burpees, deadlifts, and box jumps — the kind of workouts that could possibly send your elderly relatives to the emergency room. But one gym in California is catering to the senior population, creating seven classes with modified CrossFit moves "to keep these guys moving whether it's off a couch, off a toilet, or off the rig." CrossFit Pick Axe was inspired to create these classes because of the growing concern for senior health and wellness, and it's built an awesome community over the last two years.

While the classes are offered with different experience levels, the one thing they all have in common is the good music that goes a long way! Whether it's Elvis-assisted toe taps or some Barry Manilow disco to pump up the kettlebell squats and rowing machine work, this group knows how to have a great time. If you're wondering about the safety concerns for this group of 50- to 90-some-year-olds, the gym explained on Instagram that it's "a fun functional fitness class designed to help them maintain a high quality of life and ongoing independence."

The trainers accommodate anyone with limited mobility and share that the techniques can help with fall prevention. They are trained to keep fitness in mind after any injuries or joint replacements and "are here help you live your best life through balance, coordination, strength, and nutrition." Read on to see some of the seniors in action at CrossFit Pick Axe, and prepare to be completely inspired by their strength. Plus, if you need any inspiration to get into CrossFit yourself, these transformation photos will do the trick.