How to Handle a Sweaty Yoga Class

It can be cathartic to see sweat drip from your skin during a challenging yoga class, but it's not so great if it's affecting your ability to practice. If you notice yourself sweating more than other students in class, it doesn't mean that you're doing anything wrong! Everyone has a different number of sweat glands activated during a workout, and your body is doing its best to maintain a healthy temperature and keep you cool. So while there are certain sweaty circumstances out of your control, here are a few ways to prep for class so you feel more comfortable and confident.

Dress the Part

The clothes you're wearing to class might look cute and stylish, but they may be ill-suited for your workout needs. Always opt for breathable, sweat-wicking, absorbent, formfitting fabrics, and if a loose, sweaty t-shirt or tank top is getting in the way of your flow, don't be afraid to rock a sports bra in class.

Rock a Headband

If you regularly see droplets falling to your mat and forming pesky puddles, start pulling on a headband at every class. Skip the skinny bands, and opt for a thick fabric headband that will stay in place from start to finish. It will absorb some of that extra sweat, and the added bonus is you'll never have to mess with your hair during class again.

Bring a Towel

If you know you build a ton of internal heat and sweat it out, a quality mat towel will change your life. Yogitoes mat towels ($64 and up) are great, since their skid-less design keeps things in place on your sticky mat throughout your practice, but any large beach towel will do the trick. When you have a towel under your feet, you're able to focus on your practice and your breath and release any lingering fears of slipping and sliding all over the place. But don't be too embarrassed! It's happened to everyone.