25 Princesses Who Ran Happily Ever After at the Magical Disney Half Marathon

Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose race day costume is the cutest of them all? It's impossible to pick! Princess runners raced a 10K and half marathon this past weekend at Disney World Orlando for the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend, inspiring us with their mileage, their smiles, and, of course, their attire. The creativity is always out of control! Check out these women along with some of our favorite dressed-up racers from past races, and start planning for your future princess race!

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano

Ice Queens Were Spotted Skating Over the Finish Line

These Stepsisters Looked Far From Evil

No Fairy Godmother Was Needed to Help These Princesses Fly Across the Finish Line

Rapunzel Took Time Away From Her Castle to Take Part

This Color-Coordinated Look Was Simply Enchanting

Some Princesses Coordinated Their Outfits With Their Ears

These Matching Outfits Were More Than Magical

Real Princesses Ran With Their Crowns

Snow White Raced Away From the Evil Queen With Ease

Even a Fairy Godmother Was There

Princess Leia Looked Out-of-This-Galaxy Cool

Some Princesses Opted For Tutus

Ariel Took Time Away From the Water to Make a Splash

This Rose From Beauty and the Beast Was So Unique and Clever!

This Sporty Moana Look Was One of Our Favorites

Even Sidekicks Were Part of the Fun

Cinderella Flew Through the Finish Line

This Whimsical Yet Very Badass Combo Was Too Cool

There Was More Than One Belle at This Ball

Meg Stopped to Blow a Kiss

Even Mermaids Had a Leg Day

And No Matter What They Were Wearing . . .

It Was a Magical Experience!