We Asked an Expert If Jumping Rope Burns Belly Fat — Here's What He Said

Exercise and diet can help you get rid of belly fat and body fat, in general, but you may be wondering what the best exercise to get rid of belly fat is.

If you're trying to get rid of belly fat, you make think that more intense and explosive moments will burn more fat, and you aren't necessarily wrong. Jumping rope, for example, is more dynamic and will elevate your heart rate but jumping rope won't directly get rid of belly fat.

"Jumping rope, like other exercises, burns calories. If you are in a calorie deficit (i.e. burning more calories than you consume), your body will likely reduce it's body fat stores," Jason Machowsky, RD, CSSD, CSCS, a board-certified sports dietitian and exercise physiologist at the Hospital For Special Surgery's Tisch Sports Performance Center told POPSUGAR.

Sounds good, right? But there's one important thing you should know about burning fat: there's no such thing as spot reduction. Jumping rope can help you burn body fat, but "where it comes from is up to your individual body's response," Jason explained. You could potentially lose fat stored in your thighs, arms, or around your stomach, but it's not 100-percent guaranteed that jumping rope will get rid of belly fat.

"If you enjoy jump rope as an activity to stay active and burn calories, go for it. But it's not a magic exercise," Jason said. Spot-reduction won't work, but taking a more global approach — trade in the crunches for total-body strength training – and doing a combination of cardio and strength training can definitely help.

Don't forget that your nutrition also affects your body composition. There isn't a universal prescription for weight loss, building muscle, or nutrition, which is why we recommend speaking with experts such as personal trainers and registered dietitians to develop a plan specific to your goals and needs.