2 Ballerinas Danced to Dua Lipa's "Don't Start Now," and We Need the Full Version ASAP

Ballet is gorgeous when performed to classics like Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, so what happens when you mix it with pop music? Brilliance, that's what. Nikisha Fogo and Natascha Mair, both principal dancers at the Vienna State Opera Ballet, proved it with their short but oh-so-sweet choreography set to "Don't Stop Now" by Dua Lipa. The two ballerinas team-taught an Instagram Live class for European Ballet Theatre and included this fresh combo at the end, which they saved for all of us to enjoy, and although it's just a short snippet of the song's chorus, it's so fun to watch that I'm crossing my fingers for a longer version. Fogo and Mair even encouraged viewers to try out the choreography for themselves, and while I may opt out of that (my dance cardio skills aren't quite up to prima-ballerina level), I'm all for more Dua Lipa-ballet collabs from any and all contributors. Watch Fogo and Mair's quick and catchy choreo above!