It's a New Era of Dua Lipa, and "Don't Start Now" Is the Perfect Beginning

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It's been two years since Dua Lipa blessed our ears with her self-titled debut album, and the singer is finally back to remind us all why she earned that best new artist Grammy. "Don't Start Now" is the beginning of Lipa's new era, and damn if it doesn't slap!

The disco-heavy track was released on Nov. 1 with a sexy video that features a blond Lipa dancing the night away in a dark club after she tosses a toxic ex away and looking "don't you wish you still had me" sultry. The singer teased the video back on Oct. 22, with a short clip that showed her posing on a circular chair, then again on Oct. 23 with a clip of her lying back on a wooden table. Both clips had snippets of the song's lyrics, which the full music video reveals is all about telling off a former lover who thinks they can worm their way back into your life. As Lipa aptly puts it, "Walk away / you know how / don't start caring about me now."

Watch the video above, and get excited: this is just the beginning! In a press release, Lipa explained that this song release was meant to close the last chapter of her life and begin the next. "Into a new era with a new sound," she said. "It's about moving on and not allowing anyone to get in the way of that." We can totally get behind that!