Can Your Arms Survive This Trainer's Nonstop 5-Minute Dumbbell Challenge?

We've written about certified trainer Alexia Clark's workouts before, simply because they bring fresh exercises to the table and promise to put your strength to the test. Check out this at-home ab routine or three-move full-body circuit for proof. She also has quite the fan base, with almost two million Instagram followers, and her most recent post is all about arms.

Alexia's five-minute dumbbell challenge will target your biceps, triceps, and shoulders (there's some booty in there as well). Tack this on to the end of your gym sweat session or do it at home if you have two dumbbells available for a quick workout. See details ahead!

Alexia Clark's Five-Minute Dumbbell Challenge

Warm up first with some of these arm moves. Holding your dumbbells the entire time, perform the following two exercises for 30 seconds each to equal one round. Do five rounds total with no rest in between. If you need help timing this, you can use an interval-tracking app like this Tabata timer.

  1. The Ultimate Deadlift: This exercise combines the deadlift upright row and the squat, curl, and press.
  2. Skier Swings: This is a similar movement to kettlebell swings or dumbbell swings, but you're using a pair of dumbbells and your legs are hip distance apart.

Watch Alexia demonstrate these exercises in the video above. If the first move is too challenging, focus on the deadlift upright row or squat, curl, and press for 30 seconds instead. Also, see this article on how to choose the right weight if you aren't sure what's too heavy or too light for you. Ready, set, good luck!