These Workouts Left Me So Sore . . . and They're All From Instagram

I use Instagram for the obvious reasons: to stalk celebrities, stay in the know about brands I love, connect with fellow creatives, keep tabs on friends (and people I probably shouldn't be keeping tabs on) . . . your list is most likely similar to mine. But the double-tap-crazed social media platform is also good for finding workouts. Sure, there are a lot of fitness accounts that only post sponsored content and pictures of eight-pack abs (which is fine), but I've followed many people over the years who share kickass cardio circuits and killer core moves I've incorporated into my own routines. You should see my "saved" page; it's full of workouts I can turn to when I run out of ideas or need a little extra motivation. Here are some of the best ones you can do at the gym, in your living room, or anywhere you'd like.

Note: for your safety, make sure you're using your best judgment and doing workouts from expert certified trainers. We've made sure the videos we're including here are from trusted sources, but you should too.

5-Move Cardio Circuit From Katie Crewe

This cardio circuit consists of five moves like star burpees and explosive lunges. Katie suggests doing five rounds, but know that three rounds was enough for me (my arms, legs, and lungs were working hard).

Kettlebell Workout With Bailey Ducommun

Squat pulses will be the death of me, but this workout is a great way to feel your glutes burn. Make sure you're engaging your core, especially during those overhead squats.

Booty Band Workout From Kim French

My quads burned right after the first round (I blame the side-lunge sumo squats). Even though you're just doing eight to 12 reps of each exercise, four rounds is HARD. Tip: write out the exercises and reps on a piece of paper so you remember the order.

3-Move Full-Body Circuit From Alexia Clark

Get ready for four rounds that will work your core, arms, and legs (I felt it in my shoulders big time). I used two eight-pound dumbbells and my trusty booty band. Tip: download a Tabata timer to help you keep track of the "40 seconds on, 20 seconds off" format.

24-Minute Total-Body Workout From SugarySixPack

I've been following the SugarySixPack Instagram account for years now, and this is by far my favorite full-body workout she's created. All you need is a pair of dumbbells. If you're not sure which weight you should be using, we've got you covered.

No-Equipment Bodyweight Workout From Tamara Pridgett

NASM-certified trainer and POPSUGAR assistant fitness editor Tamara Pridgett created this kick-butt workout. The pistol squat jumps and clapping push-ups may deem challenging for some people (me), so feel free to modify those.

Abs With Kayla Itsines

All of these are bodyweight moves, except for the standing obliques (I used a 15-pound kettlebell for those). There are nine exercises in total per round, so I would suggest writing this out as well. Oh, and make sure your form doesn't break during those planks!