Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Is a Blessing to Our Instagram Feeds

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is truly a gift to Instagram, for so many reasons. And let's be honest, it's hard to ignore The Rock's biceps fitness routine, which he posts about frequently. For starters, he's in the gym all the time, keeping himself in unparalleled physical condition. Then there are the intense moves and heavy weights — it's truly a spectacle to behold. His commitment and hard work — coupled with his positivity and permanent smile — never cease to amaze us. Just like his biceps never cease to amaze us.

The Rock Is a Beast, as Many of You Know

Just look at those biceps! Holy sh*t!

He Refers to His Workouts as "Blessing the Iron"

Exhibit A of "blessing the iron."

Exhibit B of "Blessing the Iron"

He Starts His Beast Mode Days With HUGE Breakfasts

Can we talk about how this is his 5:30 a.m. meal? Buffalo, eggs, and 80 grams (several individual servings!) of cream of wheat.

His Motto Is Literally "Blood, Sweat, Respect"

Because The Rock doesn't cry — he just bleeds and sweats. And demands respect.

This Is His Gym

He calls it "Iron Paradise" and "the Wolf Den."

He Loves the Gym So Much, He Brings PUPPIES THERE

Meet J.Lo and Beyoncé, his rescue pups.


Oh yeah . . . and he does push-up challenges. With puppies. It's the only way.

We Wouldn't Want to Be His Boxing Partner

Or These Ropes

Because He Works So Hard, His Hands Bleed

But The Rock Always Has an Inspirational Message For Us

"I just wanted to stop by your Instagram feed," he says (because of course). "We always want to be the hardest workers in the room," (so . . . make sure you're never in the same room as The Rock).

They're Typically Post-Workout Recaps

Here he is discussing our responses to his workout routine: "Rock! You savage, you insane, you crazy as f*ck!" Clarifying that he is only "a little savage."

Mr. Johnson, You May Be an Enormous Dude With Biceps the Size of Our Entire Bodies . . .

But You're Totally Our Fitness Motivation!

Blood, sweat, and respect, y'all.