Sculpt Your Booty With These 5 At-Home, No-Equipment Barre Moves

Let's get physical! You're going to have buns of steel after you get through this booty barre workout. Elaine Hayes, owner and founder of MNT Studio, created this backside-busting workout you can do at home with no equipment. That's right, y'all — no excuses! In only five moves, you'll tone up, build strength, and sculpt a really powerful rear end. Let's do this.

Peter Pan Kickbacks

Peter Pan Kickbacks

"This move is great because it not only works your glute max, but it challenges your balance and coordination," Elaine said. A few tips: "It's OK in this position to allow your knee to go past your toes in the lunge, since you are grounded in the other knee. Make sure to engage your core and keep your spine in neutral throughout so that you work your booty and not your lower back."

  • Begin in a kneeling lunge with your left foot forward and externally rotated, and your right knee down on the mat, left arm extended forward at shoulder height and right hand at your hip.
  • Now, slowly lean forward and bring your left hand down as you kick your left leg back.
  • Repeat 20 times, and then move onto Four Point Kneeling (next slide) before completing the other side.
  • To intensify, add 20 pulses at the end with the leg extended back.
Four Point Kneeling

Four Point Kneeling

You'll do this move in combination with move one, Peter Pan Kickbacks. "Because the glute max is a big muscle, it takes a few reps to start feeling this one," Elaine said. "That's why I recommend doing Peter Pan Kickbacks and then Four Point Kneeling back to back all on one side. You're sure to feel the burn!

  • Begin on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips.
  • Just like in Peter Pan Kickbacks, it's super important to engage your core. Imagine pulling your bellybutton to your sacrum and your sacrum to your bellybutton.
  • Lift your left knee off the mat and lift it up to hip height, bend that knee as tightly as you can, and squeeze that glute.
  • Now lower and lift the knee, without resting the knee on the mat.
  • Repeat 20 times on each side.
  • To intensify, pulse your bent leg up toward the sky 20 times after completing all your full-range reps. To intensify the balance/core aspect of this exercise, lift and extend the opposite arm forward and hold there for the whole exercise.

"If you feel your wrists, you can come down onto your forearms," she said. "Another way to take the pressure off your wrists is to puff up the space between your shoulder blades. By engaging your serratus and rhomboid muscles, your weight won't drop into your wrists as much."



"This one's an oldie but a goodie!" she told POPSUGAR. "It might look simple but your glute med will be burning up a storm by rep 20!"

  • Lie on your side with your right forearm down, elbow directly under your shoulder, left hand on the hip. Make sure you keep your hips perfectly stacked.
  • Bend your knees and line your feet up underneath your hips.
  • Now, keeping your feet together, lift them up about six inches off your mat.
  • Lift and lower your top knee 20 times, then do the other side. Keep your waist lifted! Imagine there's a fire on your mat and you're trying not to burn the side of your waist!
  • To intensify, pulse your leg up 20 times at the end.
Bridge Lifts

Bridge Lifts

"Simple yet effective, this move targets that spot right where your booty meets your thigh. Who needs a Brazilian Butt Lift when you have Bridge Lifts?" Elaine mentioned that "this move is more of a hinge from the hips, and less about spinal articulation."

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet externally rotated and about as wide as your mat.
  • Arms are long by your sides, and heels are just out of reach of your fingertips.
  • Inhale to lightly tap your booty down toward your mat, and exhale to squeeze your glutes and lift the hips back up again.
  • Make sure you engage your abdominals and zip your ribs together in the front to avoid arching and straining your back.
  • Complete 20 reps to finish one set. Do two sets.
  • For extra booty burn, pulse at the top after completing all your reps.
Lateral Flamingo Lunges

Lateral Flamingo Lunges

This isn't just a booty move — it's a thigh burner too. "I love this move because it gets your heart rate going while really targeting and toning your booty and thighs!" Elaine said. "Make sure you're able to balance and pause each time you hit your flamingo position — you don't want to be semi-falling (which is easy to do)."

  • Begin standing on your left foot, right knee bent and foot lifted and tucked into the side of your left leg (sort of like a flamingo!).
  • Now, take a giant step to the right with your right foot, bending deeply into a lateral lunge.
  • Reach your arms down toward the ground.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Complete 20 on this side before you switch to the second side.
  • If you want to intensify this move, you can add hand weights. I recommend three pounds!
  • If the balance component is too challenging, instead of lifting your foot off the ground in the "flamingo" pose, you can simply keep your foot grounded and tap it down next to your standing leg each time.
Celebrate That Booty

Celebrate That Booty

You're all done! Give yourself a pat on the back . . . or butt.