The Fitness Marshall Wants You to Dance, Dance, Dance to This Epic Justin Timberlake Jam

We're sure you've noticed our not-so-subtle obsession with Caleb Marshall, aka The Fitness Marshall. We first fell in love with this YouTube dance cardio trainer when we spotted the "Work" by Rihanna routine. Since then, we've been dancing our booties off with him at home.

We got a chance to chat with Caleb, and learned some very valuable lessons about life, dance, and Britney Spears quizzes. But first, check out this amazing routine to the jam of all jams, "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake. You won't be able to stop smiling, and as Caleb says, "Your feet are literally going to fly off your body."

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POPSUGAR: What makes dance such an incredible workout?

Fitness Marshall: It's just so fun. With dance, you can release a passion; I don't think of it as a workout, it's just me living in the moment. [Through dance] I noticed a change in my body, but I just felt so much better, peppier, and more alive. I make it a point to create dances that are a total-body workout, and work each side of the body evenly.

PS: How long does it take for you to create a dance video?

FM: It depends; if I hear a song and I love it, I'll start laying down choreo. Some songs [like "Hit The Gas"] take three hours, some take a week, but the turnaround time is super quick. We shoot in one take!

PS: Please explain the story behind "Bubble Butt" feat. Grandma.

FM: [laughs] I used to teach cardio hip-hop in my hometown of Marion, IN, and my grandma would come to every single class and do the entire thing. She was the most supportive person ever. One time I taught at a water park and it was literally 100 degrees outside, and she was outside sweating her butt off with me for an hour! She and my grandpa are huge inspirations to me fitness-wise. She was nervous to do a video with me, but she showed up, bought a whole new outfit, and she had so much fun.

PS: What advice do you have for new dancers, or someone just beginning their fitness journey?

FM: The most important thing is just to get moving. With my videos, a lot of times I'll hear people beforehand say, "Oh I was a little bit intimidated by that," but then they take the class or do the video and they realize it's just about moving and doing what you can. And having fun! Because it's not about doing everything correctly the first time. Just get started, and get comfortable with being more active.

PS: Who inspires you?

FM: Richard Simmons has been a big fitness personality and I've always admired how he is always so himself, and just very different . . . he stands out. I like to take that energy and mix it with my favorite dance inspiration, Britney Spears. [Editor's note: this combination is such an accurate description of his personality.]

PS: Favorite song?

FM: My favorite song of all time is "Cinderella" by Britney Spears. I am an insane Britney fan; it's a little bit crazy. I took a quiz online with 693 questions to figure out which Britney Spears song is for you, so I can confidently tell you it is "Cinderella"!

PS: What gets you going in the morning?

FM: Coffee.

PS: Personal mantra?

FM: Live in the moment, and enjoy every second of life you've been given.

You can shake your booty with The Fitness Marshall on Instagram, Snapchat (thefitmarshall), Twitter, and YouTube.