Sculpt Your Whole Body in 5 Minutes With 5 Bodyweight Pilates Moves

Lengthen, lean, tone, and strengthen with this incredibly simple yet powerful Pilates workout from Lisa Corsello, the founder of Burn Pilates. She created this five-minute total-body burn just for you, so you can squeeze in a sculpting sweat session no matter where you are, even if you're short on time. All you need is a timer and an elevated surface, like a couple chairs, a pouf, or two stools. Let's go!

Plie Squat with Heel Raises

Plie Squat with Heel Raises

  • Bring your feet shoulder-width apart and extend both arms up.
  • Turn your toes out and lower into a plié squat.
  • Raise your right heel up and press evenly through your left heel and the ball of your right foot.
  • Slowly lower your right heel while you lift your left.
  • Alternate heel raises for one minute and try to stay as low in the squat as you can the whole time, continuing to complete a total of one minute on each side.
Figure 4 Reach Through

Figure 4 Reach Through

  • Extend your left leg straight up and cross your right heel over the left knee.
  • Curl up to a crunch and reach your right and left hands through and around your left leg.
  • Staying lifted, crunch to the right while you reach both arms in and around your right leg.
  • Repeat 15 times before switching sides, and complete 15 more on the opposite side.
Side Series Scissors

Side Series Scissors

  • Begin on your right side with your left leg extended straight up and your right leg off the ground a few inches.
  • Keeping your left leg up, exhale while you draw your belly button towards your spine and focus on using your right inner thigh to raise your right leg up to meet your left.
  • Continue for one minute on each side. For an added challenge, aim for two minutes on each side.
Elevated Chatturanga Push-Ups

Elevated Chatturanga Push-Ups

"Elevating this move is easy and effective, as it creates new balance challenges," said Lisa. "You can use poufs, chairs, or sturdy stools."

  • Begin in a classic plank pose.
  • Slowly lower your body by bending your elbows and drawing them in toward your sides (think: triceps push-up).
  • Exhale to push back up to starting position.
  • Do as many as you can, and stop when your form becomes compromised. Aim for five to 10 to get started!
Single Leg Elevated Lunge

Single Leg Elevated Lunge

"This move is a great way to work one leg at a time and improve balance," Lisa said.

  • Start with your right foot elevated on a stool, bench, or pouf, with your arms extended up and your left foot planted firmly on the ground.
  • Slowly bend your left knee to lower your body down until your right knee is hovering above the ground.
  • Pause for a second before pushing into your left heel to rise back up.
  • Continue for a total of 45 seconds on each side.